Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Was Dogs for Our 20th (Or Was It 25th) Wedding Anniversary

And, I still get kidded about it. Liz let all our friends know all about it. /// But, for our 20th or 25th wedding anniversary (I'd ask Liz who would remember, but I don't need the laughter this early in the morning), we out cruising just over the border in Wisconsin and came across a small place called Lily Lake Inn, east of Twin Lakes and went inside. /// They were having a party with a band and specials. We got FREE HOT DOGS and 25 cent Leinenkugel, back before it became a craft beer and more expensive; much, much more expensive. AND, you got to put your own fixins on the dog. /// Well, I was in heaven. You're talkong prime time for me. I don't know, but perhaps Liz was expecting something a little more upscale. /// The day before our 40th, we stopped at Fratello's in Volo for their famous hot dogs as a commemoration of the 20th (25th) anniversary. /// Oh Well! --RoadDog

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