Monday, September 9, 2013

Neon Museum Spotlights Bygone Era of Las Vegas-- Part 3

Assembling the collection also takes a lot of luck. Danielle Kelly relates the story of the Yucca Motel sign. Two years ago, she got the tip that the motel was about to be torn down. So, she went to try to get it. /// The owner's son didn't want to pay tomove the sign, though. Kelly began a series of negotitations with himn saying they wanted to share the sign with people and tell the story of his family and business. /// Finaly, the museum received money and the Yucca Motel sign is now in the Boneyard. /// Just imagine how great of an attraction it would be to have a huge park of all the old signs (well, and new ones since Las Vegas seems so intent on tearing down anything over twenty years of age. /// --RoadDog

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