Thursday, January 5, 2012

What the GRB!!! Gas Jumps 30 Cents in Springfield, Illinois!

When traveling, I always keep an eye on gas prices.  Now, Illinois Highway-47 generally has the highest gas prices on any trip we go on, at least ten or 15 cents higher.  Once you get to Route 66, prices start dropping and by the time we get to Springfield, it is probably 10-20 cents cheaper than at home, $3.26 in Fox Lake when we left.

Yesterday, stations from Woodstock to Huntley were all at $3.40 (well, actually $3.39.9, but I round it up that tenth of a cent).  Also, always, the two most expensive stations between Woodstock and Dwight are the one at Stark's Corner and the BP station at Elburn on Il-38.

I correctly guessed, based on what I'd seen, that Stark's was going to be $3.50.  Nailed it.  Elburn surprised me, however and were a cheap $3.49.

However, I was really bothered when we got to Yorkville and saw two Shell stations at $3.66!!  The other places were at $3.40.  Hmmm.  Something's afoot.  GRBs are on the move.

When we got to Springfield, I was shocked to see all stations at $3.50.  I was figuring $3.20.

Last night, at some bars, I talked with locals and they said in the morning it had been $3.20 and had jumped thirty cents instantly.

Looks Like the Infamous "Summer Driving Season Is Starting a Bit Early This Year.  --RoadDog

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