Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feeling A Lot Outnumbered

Arkansas State University definitely has us more than a bit outnumbered here in Mobile this weekend.  I
m guessing at least 50-1, though at times it seems 100 to 1.  Here at the motel, I'd say for breakfast there were two of us Huskie fans and twelve Red Wolves fans.  I overheard one saying they had sold 8,000 tickets and Northern just 1,500.

Everywhere you go, you hear that howl and "ASU, ASU!!" 

Last night, at the Mardi Gras parade, they practically drowned out our marching band when they went by and the sidewalks ricocheted back and forth, "ASU" from one side and "Red Wolves" from the other.

These guys are really up for the game.  This would be their first-ever bowl win, overall record 0-1. 

Last night, waiting for the bus, there were two couples chatting with each other, two in NIU attire and the other two with ASU.  The NIU fans said they had to bring the other two along, even as ASU fans, because they were "family."  Now, that would be neat having a family split like that.

Mighty friendly folks though and have had some great conversations.

Here's Hoping for a Win.  --RoadDog

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