Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

We got into Grenada, Mississippi , Friday night.  The temperature was in the mid-70s.  We thought McAlister's Deli, next to the Knight's Inn, had  a bar, but it didn't.  However, we walked around behind it and saw a promising place lit up by neon, called The Tiki Bar and decided to check it out.  This place was definitely Ole Miss territory as all the signs outside proclaimed.

I walked over in shorts and a tee shirt and was perfectly comfortable.

However, last night, we got into Springfield, Illinois, with temps at 29 degrees and extremely cold.  Going out to the bars. it was long pants, sweat shirts and coats.

Those 500 miles can cause a change in temperature.

Getting Colder By the Mile.  --RoadDog

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