Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Motelus Funnicus Guyus Strikes Again

From the Fort Walton Beach Best Western.

Yesterday morning, we were awakened at 5:45 AM, by what had to be the loudest alarm clock I've ever heard (well, truth be told, since retiring I rarely use one, so maybe it wasn't all that loud).  After much difficulty, we managed to get it turned off (hey, I even have trouble dealing with the ones we have at home, just don't use 'em that much anymore). 

The only thing was that we didn't set it.  This was the work of Motelus Funnicus Guyus, a person we have encountered more than once on our travels.

Anyway, couldn't get back to sleep.  Looked outside at the Gulf and beheld one of the prettiest sunrises ever.  Perhaps good old Motelus Funnicus Guyus' little funny bit backfired on him.

However, the guy still had one more trick up his sleeve and had the coffee maker set to turn on as soon as I plugged it in.  Unfortunately, I had already poured the water in so that set off quite a scramble.

Ya Gotta Just Love That Guy, Whoever He Could Be.  --RoadDog

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