Monday, October 26, 2015

DeKalb for NIU Homecoming-- Part 1: Making a Score or Two

Saturday, we drove to DeKalb, Illinois, for Northern Illinois' Homecoming game with Eastern Michigan.  It was a beautiful drive there with lots of fall tree color.  Passed several of the very popular fall festival farms and stands which, despite fairly crummy weather (threat of rain and occasional drizzle as well as major wind) they had people visiting.  Of course, northern Illinois is a big pumpkin-producing area of the #1 pumpkin-producing state.

Checked into the Baymont on Lincoln Highway, parked, and walked over to the alumni tailgating and tent area by the Barsema Alumni Center.  They had a band playing and every School had tents with swag.  We loaded up at the School of Education and Alumni tents.  In the past, all tents offered free food, but this year you could only get food at one tent, hosted by Fatty's.  And all items cost $5.

Looked at the University Store inside the Barsema Center but didn't buy anything.  Enjoyed the NIU Marching Huskie Band and remarks by the president and athletic director.

We had been thinking about buying tickets to see the game, but decided not to because of the inclement weather.  Took the bus over to the west side of the stadium and then watched the first part of the game until NIU scored on some steps by an apartment complex south of Huskie Stadium, which turned fifty years old this year.  Northern scored while we were there and the cannon went off.


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