Wednesday, October 14, 2015

66 Route 66 Things to See in Illinois-- Part 8: Chicken Joints

38.  CHICAGO AREA CHICKEN JOINTS.  That would be Del Rhea's Chicken basket and White Fence Farm in the suburbs.  We've eaten at Del Rhea's and the chicken is good, but always miss getting to eat at the other place.

39.  CROSSROADS DINER in Mt. Olive.  We visited there on an Illinois Motor Tour, but have yet to eat there.

40.  CRUISIN' WITH LINCOLN ON 66 VISITORS CENTER--  Bloomington-Normal.  Located in the McLean County Museum of History.  Perhaps B-N has finally realized it has a Route 66 heritage.  We haven't visited it yet, but will the next time instead of driving around the towns on I-55.  It's about time.

41.  WHIRL-A-WHIP in Girard.  The old ice cream stands.

42.  J.H. HAWES GRAIN ELEVATOR--  Atlanta.  What put Illinois on the map, our agriculture.  An old one.  We've seen it but never toured, yet.


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