Friday, October 16, 2015

66 Things to See on Route 66 in Illinois-- Part 10: No More Ernie or Pig Hip

48.  FUNK'S GROVE MAPLE SIRUP--  Funk's Grove.  Best "sirup" ever.  And, really, really  good on vanilla ice cream as we found out last year.  Get there early as they sell out quickly after its tapped.

49.  THE MILL RESTAURANT--  Lincoln.  Sure glad to see it is being restored.  Lincoln is another town that pushes its Route 66 heritage.

50.  PIG HIP RESTAURANT--  Broadwell.  And so sad that Ernie and the restaurant are both gone now.  We spent many hours listening to his stories.

51.  AMBLER-BECKER GAS STATION--  Dwight.  It was looking kind of bad when we first saw itilliin 2002, but now looking good and the Dwight welcome center during summer months.

52.  DIE CAST AUTO SALES--  Williamsville.  Sadly, I think this place is still closed.  It has been closed for many years, but had a great collection of metal classic cars (but no 1967 Firebirds, unfortunately).  In an old 1930s gas station and still standing the last time we went through town last year.


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