Friday, October 9, 2015

Building the Ultimate Baseball Stadium from Wrigley and Comsikey-- Part 2

UPPER DECK--  Wrigley.  Comiskey's Upper deck is very destested by Sox fans.  Too high to enjoy the game.

MUSIC--  Comiskey.  Nothing compares to "Na Na, hey, hey"  The new organists carries on nancy Faust's tradition and ear for the game.

TRANSPORTATION--  Comiskey.  Although both are sreved by public transportation.

PARKING--  Comsikey.

GREENERY--  Wrigley.  Hey, IVY!!!

VIDEO BOARDS--  Wrigley.  Now.  Comiskey's are much too small.

CENTER-FIELD SCOREBOARD--  Wrigley.  But here I would almost call a tie.  Nothing like Bill Veeck's exploding scoreboard.  But then there's that great old sign at Wrigley, a throw-back to another era.

OUTFIELD WALLS--  Wrigley.  Well, IVY!!!

SURROUNDING NEIGHBORHOOD--  Wrigley.  Wrigleyville is a party destination even when the Cubs aren't playing and have every imaginable kind of bar.  Just one bar across from Comiskey, but some good ones in nearby Bridgeport.


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