Friday, October 30, 2015

DeKalb for Homecoming 2015-- Part 3: Lord Stanley's

Entering Lord Stanley's, I found out where everyone was.  The place was already packed.  A lot of alumni were already there, many claiming tables for friends as seating is limited for a Footstompers show.

Lord Stanley's advertises itself as "Hockey Bar USA."  This is a Blackhawk Bar to be sure.  There are pennants, banners and other Blackhawk stuff all over the place as well as other hockey teams.  We even considered going to this place during the last Stanley Cup Run.  Being there would have to be an experience.

Even the name, Lord Stanley, comes from the Championship Cup.  They use a caricature of Stanley Laurel from the old Laurel and Hardy team as well.  Drink prices are very reasonable and they have great pizza.  And, even better, the Blackhawks had a game tonight.

This place puts the dive in dive bar.  Believe me, nothing is elegant.  But it is fun.

Back when we were students, it was called The Shamrock and later Daddy-O's Shamrock.  At one time it had an upper level that was open, but has been closed ever since a college student fell off it and died.

Good Time at Stanley's.  --RoadDog

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