Thursday, October 15, 2015

66 Route 66 Things to See in Illinois-- Part 9: The Infamous "Turkey Tracks"

43.  TURKEY TRACKS ON PAVEMENT--  I'll never forget looking for them and being somewhat underwhelmed with what we found on our first Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour.  At least they are now marked.

44.  ARCADE MUSEUM--  Atlanta.  Must be a new one, something we'll check out the next time  in town after eating at the Palms.

45.  ORIGINAL SECTION--  Southwest of Lake Springfield.  Kind of looks like a boat launch ramp.  Original four lanes.

46.  DEILKE'S KUSTOM CHOPPERS--  Broadwell.  described as a Mantique emporium.  Another place we'll have to see.  Broadwell was where Ernie Edwards' Pig Hip was located.

47.  ATLANTA PUBLIC LIBRARY--  Plus, the clock tower in front of it.


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