Tuesday, October 13, 2015

66 Route 66 Things to See in Illinois-- Part 7: Gemini Giant

33.  GEMINI GIANT AND LAUNCHING PAD RESTAURANT--  Wilmington.  Can't miss the big guy, a former muffler man, only now holding a rocket.  We have eaten there, but I understand it is closed now.

34.  ROUTE 66 MOTHER ROAD INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL--  Started back in 2002 and held every year since.  Our first big Route 66 event.

35.  ADVERTISING MURALS IN ATLANTA--  First time through, I was looking for the establishments advertised.  I eventually figured out that they were no longer in business.

36.  LUCCA GRILL--  Bloomington.  never heard of it, but is on our to visit list now.  Established 1936 and noted for Italian food.  Claim to have had the first pizza in Central Illinois.  Usually if we are in Bloomington-Normal, we go to McGuire's.

37.  DOUBLE H BAR--  Sherman.  Never been to it, but will now


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