Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Doing Our Irish Thing This Past Weekend-- Part 2: Another Parade, More Bars

MARCH 15TH, SUNDAY:  After listening to Rock and Roll Roots, we drove to McHenry, Illinois, for the Rotary St. Patrick's Parade.  This was the 8th time it was run and the first time I knew about it.

We parked behind the Gambler and went inside and had a green beer in a very packed place with parade celebrants.  The bartender was pregnant and had a little Irish hat attached to her stomach.  The little lad or lass was having a St. Patrick's Day even before being born.  How Irish is that?

Another couple next to us gave their grandkids St. Patrick's light up beads and ordered the corned beef and cabbage dinner ($10.95).  When it came, I was amazed at how small the portions were until I found out they had split an order.

We went outside just as the parade started passing.  This was a big parade and there were lots of people watching and cheering.  Unlike yesterday's parade, they had had  a big bagpipe and drum band and two groups of Irish dancers.  A whole lot of hair bouncing up and down.

There were lots of floats and organizations marching in it.  Of course, it was politician paradise.

Vote for Me.  --RoadDog

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