Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dyeing the Chicago River Green-- Part 1

From the March 13, 2015, Chicago Tribune according to Tom Rowan, head of the crew that does it.

Earlier today, the Chicago River downtown turned into a shocking hue of green as part of a long-standing tradition.

The event dates back to 1962, when Mayor Richard J. Daley and Stephen Bailey, a boyhood friend and the St. Patrick's Day parade chairman, started the tradition.  At 9:15 a.m. Saturday, the river will become a bright green again.  Here's how the process works, and where to watch the dye job.

1.  PREP WORK:  Early in te morning, the crew arrives at a city boat slip on the North Branch of the Chicago River.  Everyone wears clothes and shoes they don't mind getting dirty and a white paper smock over their clothes.

2.  ON THE WATER:  The crew hops aboard two small motor boats donated by volunteers.  The larger boat, at approximately 18-feet, has a crew of four.  The smaller boat, a 12-footer, has two people.

Put Some Green in My River.  --RoadDog

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