Monday, March 9, 2015

Route 66 January 2015

These events (and only some of them are listed) are taken from the Route 66 News blog which has photos and much  more information.

JANUARY 1ST:  Bill Shea's widow, Helen, died.  We met her several times at Bill's museum in Springfield, Illinois.  I'll never forget when I remarked to her that her husband sure had a lot of stuff.  She replied, "That old man, he never throws anything away.

JANUARY 11TH:  Co-owner of Becky's Barn south of Springfield, Illinois, died.   Becky Hargett.    She owned it with her husband and had really turned it into a must-stop place on the route.

JANUARY 12TH:  The old Bel-Air Motel in Springfield, Ill. is expected to be torn down completely by late summer or early fall.  I hated to see this happen, but the place was way too far gone to save.  I do hope the sign and that interesting globe thing are saved.


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