Thursday, March 5, 2015

Route 66 News' Top Ten Route 66 Icons-- Part 3

I went on and did the top twenty icons anyway.  For the whole list, go to the January 1, 2015, entry on the site Route 66 News.

11.  OATMAN, ARIZONA--  Just the drive east of there is worth it.  But, what a town.  And those four-legged varmints all over the place.  A real unique place.

12.  METEOR CRATER, ARIZONA--  A big hole in the ground.  We got there just at closing time and they wanted full admission to see it for five minute.  Maybe some other time.

13.  MIDPOINT CAFE--  Adrian, Texas--  Great food.  Winder, however, if it 100% the half-way point?

14.  PETRIFIED FOREST--  Arizona--  Right by the Painted desert.  Looking forward to getting my National Park Golden Senior Pass.  What a deal, even though I will still make donations every time.  The national parks are well worth it.

15.  WIGWAM MOTEL--  San Bernardini, Cal.--  Looking better than it did brand-new when we drove by.  But sadly, like in Holbrook, we were too early to stop driving.  Maybe next time.

Getting me Fired Up for a 66 Trip.  --RoadDog

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