Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fort Sheridan, Illinois-- Part 4: A Fort With No Soldiers

Continued from January 17, 2015.

This entry grew out of the importance of Civil War General Phil Sheridan in Chicago history and the naming of Sheridan Road.

During the Korean and Vietnam wars, Fort Sheridan was a reception and processing center for recruits.  It also provided logistical support for 33 Nike-Hercules missile sites..

By 1975, it had the largest-ever military-civilian contingent in the fort's history posted there with some 5,000.  By 1980 it was down to 1400.  By the late 1980s there were no military personnel.

It was among the first installations to be announced they would be closed in 1990, but it did provide aid during Desert Shield and desert Storm.

It was closed officially by the Army on May 28, 1993.

The Story of a Fort.  --RoadDog

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