Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 Bald Eagle Trip-- Part 5: Dubuque, Iowa

JANUARY 22ND, THURSDAY  (Day 2 of the trip)

Drove to the lock and dam north of Dubuque, Iowa.  Gas at all stations was $1.90 for regular.  Usually in Iowa, you have to aware of the fact that in recent years the top and lowest prices on the signs was for Mid-Level grade and regular was 10 cents more.  But for some reason that is no more, thankfully.

Passed the Hotel Julien, named for the first white settler in the area, Julien Dubuque.  This hotel has recently been completely restored and is quite the place.  It is expensive, though, but we'd like to stay there sometime in the future.

Drove by the Ice Harbor with all its interesting places, including the Mississippi Museum and also by the city hall with that beautiful gold dome on top., the tallest building in town.

I often hear Dubuque being put down as a nice place by people, but sure don't understand why.  This is a city I wouldn't mind calling home.


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