Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Bald Eagles-- Part 3: Galena

Once in Galena, first stop was at the VFW for cocktails after our arduous and scenic drive.  Always a favorite stop for us.  After two, we went to the Log Cabin steakhouse on main Street.  We have been going to this place since we were in Galena for our honeymoon in 1973 and the place hasn't changed at all, except, of course, the prices.  It would be hard to get a steak dinner for under $28.  They feature Chicago's Allen steaks.

They now have a separate dining area, but I suggest getting a table in the original dining room adjacent to the bar area and eat while being overlooked by John Wayne.  Our waiter knew a lot about NIU athletics even though he didn't go there (we were wearing our NIU coats).  The couple dining across the room by the wall told us they were NIU Class of 1971 graduates and had retired to Galena and love it.

We talked a lot about the turmoil we had on campus in the spring of 1970 after Kent State.  We had violence, injuries, arrest and vehicles blown up.  This is when I believed I was seeing the end of the United States. I'll never forget going to the original Pizza Villa in downtown DeKalb and walking around a corner right into a group of National Guardsmen or cops who had a tear gas gun.  That could ruin your appetite.

Kent State at NIU Was Frightening.  --RoadDog

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