Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's Irish Day 'Round Here

St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday, but will be celebrated around here mostly today.

Right now, I am listening to "The Unicorn" by the Irish Rovers.  This was a song that my friend Chris would request every time I played for the St. Patrick's Parade in downtown Lake Villa, Illinois, at George's Cedar Inn.  I did that for many years and, as a matter of fact, this was the very last place I ever deejayed about three, maybe four, years ago.  It is on one of my ten St. Patrick's cassettes I recorded for use there and elsewhere.

I had a deal worked out with it's owner, George, that I would play every year there for St.Patrick's even after I was retired, which I was a few years earlier.  That would be for as long as he owned the place and my equipment worked.  I did it for free in honor of out long-standing good times.

He was getting old and sold the bar and it is now a pizza place after a lot of much needed innovation.

I am going to that parade at noon and will have my cb&c pizza, a real taste trip.

They used to have a corned beef & cabbage (cb&c) dinner, all-you-can-eat) and it was the best cb&c ever.

Oh Well, Old Times Were Sure Good Times.  --RoadDog

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