Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who'd Do That to a Whale, Especially a Blue One?

I'm catching up on some Route 66 stuff.  From the Feb. 18, 2012, News 9 Oklahoma "Route 66 Blue Whale Struck by Vandals."

The 80-foot long, 15-foot high concrete Blue Whale was built in 1972 as an anniversary gift of current owner Blaine Davis' father to his mother (and all some women get is a fancy dinner)  It was originally part of a children's zoo.

The whale had just received a needed paint job in 2011, and now this.  The donation box had been removed over Christmas because of break ins.

The vandals wrote names (kind of a dumb thing if it is their own name) but nothing vulgar though.(their mamas did not raise dirty vandals).  No photos of the deed were posted to help with the police investigation and a new paint job was planned.

The Blue Whale is a major attraction on old Route 66 and we've seen it many times.

I'm So Blue.  --RoadDog

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