Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer '12 North Carolina Trip-- Part 4: Driving the National Road


On the road today starting in Zanesville, Ohio, right at one of my favorite short drives back through history, along US-40, the old National Road, to Cambridge.  This is a short drive, but highly scenic.

And, US-40 goes right by the Super 8.  Took it the couple miles into Zanesville.  At the famous "Y-Bridge," I saw a circle of giant urns, painted in many different colors.  Must have been one of those "Cows on Parade" things so many towns have these days where they take one particular sculpture and have folks paint them differently and place around the place.

Then, there is the beautiful courthouse that always reminds me of the one in Pontiac, Illinois, on Route 66.  East of town there is a Union soldier statue and the interesting gate to the cemetery.  There was a good breakfast crowd at Mickey's, a must-stop for a meal if you're ever passing through, but I was saving up for a go at a famous pork chop sandwich in Mt.Airy, NC.

Listening to country music on Highway 103, 103.7 FM, which I had found last night. Good station.

Back when US-40 was the main way to get from point A to B, this had to be a very heavily traveled road judging from the many, many old motels located along it.  Most all have been turned into apartments these days.  Many are in bad shape.

One really big motel continues in business, but its sign is down, so I don't know its name.

Then, there are those two neat "S" Bridges and a whole bunch of turnoffs where you can actually drive on the old National Road. 

New Concord is a neat town that I would not mind living in.  Didn't drive through Cambridge and got on I-70 west of town.  Filled up with gas at the Pilot station on I-70 near I-77.  It is always a good plan to fill up with gas before you get near West Virginia.  Prices in Ohio increase as you approach W.Va. and are always about 20-30 cents more in that state.

A Drive on History.  --RoadDog

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