Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Schaller's Pump-- Part 4: Just Some Stories

With all the years I went to Sox games, I must admit that I never went to this place, but now sure wish I had. History and a beer and a burger (and FREE parking), a hard deal to beat.  And, of course, the best thing would be the opportunity to listen to Jack Schaller stories.  And I bet he could tell 'em just as well as the Old Coot on 66, Ernie Edwards.

Back to the article for some more Jack Schaller stories:

**  "They let me throw out the first pitch at the White Sox game a few weeks ago.  I had a crazy windup."  (Schaller demonstrated, his arms and legs flying everywhere, comically.)  "I don't recall the catcher, but the next day he was sent back to the minors!"  (It was Jordan Danks.)

**  "The secret of the restaurant business?  never cut portions.  You can raise your price, but if you cut portions, that's suicide."

More to Come About This Chicago Institution.  --RoadDog

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