Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's So Cotton About Cotton Hill-- Part 2

It appears that we somehow missed the brick part of Route 66 just off the asphalt of Cotton Hill Park by a bluff where the original 66 came out from under the lak.

I found this one mention of Route 66 back in the old days from the Clan site.

In his teen years, Dad's farm was next to Route 66 (or Rt.127) as it was known before 66).  It crossed into Sangamon County heading for Springfield. It took many men to build Route 66, "Some hauled sand and gravel and cement to a large mixer sitting in the middle of the roadbed.  Water had to be added and then mixed.."

"When the highway was constructed along our farm, the road construction crew had a small railroad engine which hauled in construction materials in hopper cars, which were parked on a narrow railroad track."

Route 66 was built around the east side of Glenarm and east of Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company.  It continues  north to join the stretch that had been built around Springfield to one south of Ball Township School.  It continued on to Cotton Hill and then to Springfield.  This last stretch around Cotton Hill was flooded when Lake Springfield was built in 1935.

A Yahoo map shows Cotton Hill in Capital Township on the north side of Lake Springfield.

So, Where Is Waldo, er, Cotton Hill?  --RoadDog

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