Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Ten Stops on Route 66

From the Feb. 7, 2009 Listverse site.

10.  ROUND BARN--  Arcadia, Texas
9.  U-DROP INN--  Shamrock, Tx.
8. COZY DOG DRIVE-IN--  Springfield, Il.--  Ate there many, many times..  Not sure if I like the dogs or fries better.
7.  BIG TEXAN STEAK RANCH--  Amarillo, Tcx.--  Didn't try the big one.
6.  WIGWAM VILLAGES--  Holbrook, Az. and Rialto, Ca.  Been by both, but didn't stay.

5.  METEOR CRATER--  Meteor City, Az.  Been to the front door, but not in as they wanted to charge full price even with just 15 minutes to closing.
4,  EL RANCHO HOTEL-- Gallup, NM   Stayed there
3.  JACK RABBIT TRADING POST--  Joseph City, Az.  Got "trapped" here.
2.  LOU MITCHELL'S RESTAURANT--  Chicago, Il.  Great food
1.  THE LEANING TOWER OF GROOM--  Texas  It wobbles but won't fall down.

Seen 'Em All.  --RoadDog

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