Friday, September 21, 2012

What's so Cotton About Cotton Hill-- Part 1

This place is tied into the Route 66 story of in the Springfield, Illinois, area. 

There is a Cotton Hill Township in Sangamon County (Springfield) with a population of 1,065.

There is talk of it being the home of Hunter Lake, a proposed 3,070 acre reservoir which will be made by damming Horse Creek, a tributary of the Sangamon River.  This is a project of the Springfield City Water, Light & Power Company, the folks that brought you Lake Springfield.  They have the huge smokestacks that can be seen most anywhere in Springfield.

There is a Cotton Hill Township in Missouri.  Two of the earliest settlers in the township were Henry Funderbirk from St.Louis and William Nelson from St. Clair County, Mo., who settled in Illinois in 1818.  However, I doubt that they ever raised cotton there.

Route 66 went through the township before Lake Springfield formed and covered part of it.  On one of trips to Springfield, we spent part of an afternoon looking for it.

Three Bags Full.  --RoadDog

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