Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer '12 North Carolina Trip-- Part 1


Left home at 9:03 AM with mileage in the '11 Malibu at 7293.  Set trip odometer to "0."

Gas in Woodstock, Illinois $3.80, $3.60 in Huntley.  Shocked going through Huntley as all stoplights green and all construction through downtown completed except by the tollway. This has been a bear the last couple years.

Driving south on Il-47 from Woodstock.  Gas in Elburn at $3.82 at the super expensive BP on Il-38 and $3.70 downtown.

There had been a bad storm in Yorkville two weeks ago.  Trees still down and piles of limbs everywhere.  Gas $3.59.

There was a plane flying real low north of Morris and criss-crossing the road.  Could just about make out pilot's face.  It finally landed at the Grundy County Airport

Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten, listening to WDRV, the Drive on 96.9 FM and then 97.1 FM as I got farther south.  It was 1976:

Hotel California--  Eagles
Come to Papa--  Bob Seger
Free For All--  Ted Nugent
Still the One--  Orleans
All I Wanted to Be--  Peter Frampton
Back in the Saddle Again--  Aerosmith
Living Thing--  ELO
Smokin'--  Boston
Moonlight Feels Right--  Starbuck
Fool to Cry--  Rolling Stones

Gas in Morris $3.56 and $3.44.  The farther south you get on Il-47, the cheaper the gas. 

On the Road Again.  --RoadDog

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