Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Spirit of Route 66

From the May 13-19, 2012, American Profile Magazine by Audrey T. Hingley.

A real nice article on our favorite road with lots of interesting photos and primarily based on an interview with 66  fan Jim Conkle.  Really, no new information for us roadies, but we need to remember that most Americans know very little about the road (no doubt lining up somewhere to get some new technology) and this is a good primer.  Who knows, some may have actually gotten out an driven some of it.

He was 9, when he first went on it and "saw the fabled highway's seemingly endless string of service stations, diners, motels and roadside attractions, many beckoning with blazing neon signs and unique Art Deco architecture."  Since then, he has made more than 200 trips on Route 66, some hitch-hiking and many leading tour groups.

In short, back in 1949, if you wanted to drive east-west across the US, this was the way to go.  Conkle gives a short history of the road and what killed it and then its resurrection starting with Angel Delgadillo in Seligman, Arizona.

I really liked the picture of downtown Shamrock, Texas, taken in the 40s or 50s.  Definitely what the folks in "Cars" based Radiator Springs on.  And then, there was that big photo of the Route 66 logo on a road on the front cover.

You can view the whole article at www.americanprofile.com/articles/route-66-travel.

Always Great to Get Some Publicity.  --RoadDog

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