Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Off to See the Eagles-- Day 1: Driving McBytes and McLincoln

We left to go see those magnificent birds with their perpetual attitude problems (ever seen a bald eagle that doesn't look mad about something?) on Monday.

Drove Illinois highways 120, 47, 176 and 23 to US-20 in Marengo, Illinois. then west. Stopped in Marengo at McDonald's for a bite to eat and tried out their new chicken McBytes that lived up to expectations. As Andy Griffith would say, "G-o-o-o-o-d."

Next stop was that really nice Stevenson County/Freeport Visitors Center just east of town on US-20 (the US Grant Highway). Good place for a bathroom break, plus information, plus a bit of local history. This year they feature the Lincoln-Douglas Debate that took place in town back in 1858. I wrote about this today on my Cooter's History Thing Blog.

Then, it was driving on one of the most beautiful stretches of highway anywhere, US-20 west of Freeport. Those who think Illinois is all flat should cruise this. First you have your roller coaster road (up and down) and then your striking valley vistas as the road runs along a ridge.

Once past Stockton, with its hard-at-work bears in the gazebo, it especially gets to be striking. Then, there's that little Elizabeth town and the final drive into Galena.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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