Saturday, February 25, 2012

About the "Cherry Street Inn" from the Movie "Groundhog Day"

This would be the Bed & Breakfast where Phil Connor, the Pittsburgh weatherman spent all those "stuck" days while he was learning to be a good person.

Phil wakes up everyday to "I Got You Babe" and the wacky deejays talking about the weather, cold and predicted snow. Everyday he battles that alarm clock and looks out the window at the snowless street and is condemned to repeat the day, which can be different until the end. Finally, he looks out after becoming a "good guy" and sees snow. Actually, this was the very first scene filmed and that is real snow, the only real snow they had during filming. The rest of the time, it was ice ground up and placed in patches around town and the square.

The movie didn't win many awards when released, even so, it has become an American film classic. And, it has become Woodstock's movie.

One realtor, Rick Belairs, was an extra and still uses the film when showing prospective buyers around homes for sale in Woodstock.

The home was built in 1894 by Woodstock judge J.P. Barnes. Marty Rachford had an eleven-year old brother die in the house when his family lived there and they had his wake in the house. Families living in it after his family sold the place would always call Marty if anything went wrong because he knew the place so well.

Next, New Owners and a Real B&B. --RoadDog

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