Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some More Information on Anton L. Westgard

Not only was he a pioneer in roads, but also photography.  He took lots of pictures of the nation's early roads.

He was born April 16, 1865, in Norway and immigrated to the US at age 18.  He bought his first automobile in 1903 and was married two times.  Sometimes he would take his eldest son on his auto trips.

In 1911, he drove across the US in a transcontinental drive, not the first time it had been done, but the first time in a truck.  In all, he drove across the United States several times and wore out 18 cars in the process.  He died in 1921 from syphilis.

Westgard Pass in California's White Mountains is named after him.

He had a Chicago connection as well.  He was married the first time in Cook County as well as naturalized in Chicago.

An Interesting Man.  --RoadDog

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