Thursday, March 1, 2012

Off to See the Eagles-- Day 1 Part 2: Grant's Town, A Vet and a Log

On the way into Galena on US-20, at one point there are two old 1800s homes on the side of the road. I've always thought that one was so close it seemed that the occupants could just reach right off the porch and shake hands with passers-by. Unfortunately, the other house is now torn down.

At least Galena, Illinois, isn't very crowded in February so had no problem at all finding a place to park on the street. Walked up and down the main street and went into a couple stores. One was very interesting and called something like the Galena Canning Store, featuring all sorts of hot sauces, many with hilarious names. We figured buddies Rick and Jeff would go bonkers in there. Next time, I will have to remember to write down some of the names. They had many samples, but considering how hot most of the stuff was, I elected not to try any.

Stopped at the VFW downtown for a coupla two-three beers. Always a friendly crowd inside. Got into a talk with a woman who was the antithesis of Frank, very liberal and obviously a listener of many liberal type shows. You really can't discuss/argue with folks who watch those sort of shows as they have too many "facts."

Last stop was that grand old Log Cabin Restaurant, in business since 1938 and with that striking old over-the sidewalk neon sign. Impressive during the day and even more so at night.

One Fine Meal Coming Up. --RoadDog

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