Monday, February 20, 2012

Spotted on One One of Our Recent Travels

Especially had a chuckle on this teeshirt, "Please Don't Give This Man Any Beer. Signed, His Spouse."

Liz threatened to get me one of these, but I kindly declined.

And, speaking of beer, we hit five local bars over the weekend.


It was Happy Hour (well, not here in Illinois where it was illegal, but the time is about what used to be the old HH time) at Dry Dock (the old Kokomo's and before that Fringe Benefits where I used to deejay regularly back in the day). Domestic bottles were $1.50.

Then, on to the Route 12 Bar on US-12 in Fox Lake for one of the best $4 third-pound Black Angus burgers and fries you're going to find anywhere and $3.00 23-oz. drafts. Joined by friends Kevin and Kelly.


Mardi Gras Party at Captain's Quarters with LTJ (Lap Top Jockey) and band Rhythm Kings. Met friends Sue, Paul and Kristina. Enjoyed that $4 Johnsonville brat and fries and $2.50 Coronas. Got my beads.


Terry Spizzirri and Gregg performing at AJ's Horsin' Around in Round Lake Park in the afternoon and a stop at Squaw Bar for Paul's 57th birthday.

Hey, tune in WXRT tonight at 9 PM CST for Tom Marker's Bluesbreakers Show, tonight called Lundi Gras in honor of tomorrow. Nothing but music from Nawlins and Louisianne!!

Always Good Times in the Area. --RoadDog

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