Friday, February 10, 2012

Never Heard of Him, But A.L. Westgard an Early Auto Pathfinder-- Part 1

I came across this man's name in "The Tioga Pass Road on the Midland Trail" article by George Clark in the Summer 2011 Lincoln Highway Forum.

Here's what Clark wrote:

"A.L. Westgard was regarded as the fore-most auto-trail blazer of the time (1910-1920)--'the Daniel Boone of the auto age.' For many of his trips his conveyance was a Pathfinder touring sedan, a little-known, short-lived nameplate manufactured by the Motor Car Manufacturing Company of Indianapolis, Indiana.

He is said to have worn out eighteen Pathfinders during some seventeen years of his trail-blazing career.

In 1912, he was commissioned by the American Automobile Association of New York to route and map three transcontinental highways.

I had never heard of him before, but have since done some research which I will write about in the next week or so.  Plus I will finish what George Clark had to say about the man.

How About a Real Pathfinder Doing His Thing in a Pathfinder?  --RoadDog

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