Monday, February 20, 2012

Sorry to See King Tower Cafe Closed

From the July 7, 2011 Tama (Iowa) News Herald "King Tower Cafe is closed."

I read about this in the Summer 2012 Lincoln Highway Forum and then went to the local paper for more information. We've stopped here several times and it was a highlight of eating experiences along the old Lincoln Highway. Good prices, great food and lots of friendly locals. So hearing this made us glad we had and, of course, we're hoping the place reopens.

Just the neat Indian head neon sign outside is enough to get any self-respecting roadie to pull over.

King's Tower Cafe, on Tama's east side was found to have a notice on the door saying the place was closed because of the US-30 expressway bypass that took a lot of business away.

Wes and Irene Mansfield opened it in 1939 and it originally was called King Tower One Stop because it had a service station, truck stop, tourist cabins, a mobile home park, wrecker service and 24-hour cafe.

Several other businesses along the old US-30 also have gone out of business because of the new by-pass.

It's the Same Old Story. --RoadDog

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