Friday, February 24, 2012

About That "Cherry Street Inn" B&B Where Bill Murray Stayed in the Movie "Groundhog Day"-- Part 1

From the Feb. 2, 2012 Northwest Herald "Famous houseoverlooks Groundhog Day festivities" by Jerry Kuyper.

At one time it was a family home before being cast" in the famous "Groundhog Day" movie as a B&B. Today, it is actually a B&B, a great new role for it. Liz and I aren't big on B&Bs, partly because they are so expensive, but, this is one I would definitely consider staying at, if for no other reason than to look out that window down the street that Bill Murray's character did day after day. The view is the same, but the room was actually at a stage set in nearby Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Marty Rachford sure remembers the house. He grew up there and used to earn extra money helping Kenny DeVries do repair work at the place in the 1960s. One day he was complaining that he sure didn't want to do construction work for the rest of his life and DeVries told him that you never know what you'll end up doing.

Today, Rachford owns Marty's Alpine Construction in Woodstock.

That house he worked on at 344 Fremont Street is where his mother and father (Kady and Fred) raised a family of eight from 1961 to 1988.

Today, the three-story home with attic, wrap-around porch, cupola and white picket fence is better known as the Groundhog Day House.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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