Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NTN Cruising

Whenever Liz and I hit the road, one thing definitely on out to-do list is to visit NTN sites and play.  Some folks target Civil War battlefields (like us), others want to visit lighthouses (like us) and others go to the bars and restaurants (like us).

But, in addition, we like to drop in at places with NTN.  That's good for the company to come in and make sure the bartender and owner of the bar know that we are there because they have NTN.  That's just good for business. 

Since we started keeping records of visit, we have been to 953 places at the conclusion of our most recent trip.  I'm sure that is a lot more than anyone in the NTN/Buzztime Corporation has been to.  If they want to know what's wrong with their product, we could sure tell them.  But, they seem to be disinterested in what we have to say.

And, There Sure Are a Lot of Problems.  --RoadDog

1 comment:

Daddy Bob said...

How do you know that the NTN people are not interested in what
you have to say?