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Monday, July 19, 2021

Talking About U.S. Highway 20-- Part 2: The Association Is Established

Continued from July 10.

This article appearing just as buddy Denny Gibson was driving the length of US Highway 20 was quite a coincidence.  I was wondering if Denny had  met this guy (figuring, of course, that he had).   

"This is one of the last  great highways you can still drive in its entirety that has not been lost to history, cur up, or rerouted to  interstates, said Bryan Farr.

While the more celebrated Route 66 is on most road travelers' minds, Farr was looking to explore the northern part of the country and go on a road less traveled.

"Everyone's so obsessed with Route 66 when they think of American highways.  I kept thinking we have the longest intact highway in the country that meanders through America -- just as it did in 1926 -- right here in our backyards," said Farr.  "I didn't want to do something everybody else was doing.  So I got on 20 and took two weeks to go from Boston to Oregon and thought I'd be done.  That was going to be the end of it."

"The only thing I thought of at the time was to take some photos and write a book because I'd been into photography and that was the career move I was going to take at the time.  I started working on the book and the photos and I was getting comments from people wanting more information.  I figured out  there is a lot more out there and wondered how I could get the people this information."

Farr's initial trip across US Highway 20 led to the  establishment of the Historic Route 66 Association.

Denny Did Met Bryan Along His Trip.--RoadDog

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