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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Talking About US-20-- Part 3: Get Off the Interstates

Bryan Farr, founder of the Historic Route 20 Association, said:  "When I first came to Iowa in 2010, it was all four-lane across the state, and that's when I realized I missed all of the small towns and the unique things to see.  It was quick and fast, but I didn't see anything."

"People told me there was a lot more to see, and that's when I decided  to find a way to get signage up on the roads and see how we can get people back on these old highways.  That's pretty much how we got started with the idea in Iowa and also across the country."

You'll notice the "Historic Route 20" signs in numerous locations on the highway around Dubuque and Delaware counties, and Farr is working on getting more signs posted from Massachusetts to Oregon designating the road as a historic route.

"Right now we have approximately 250  signs out there," according to Farr.  "We've made contact with every state except Idaho.  That's the only place we haven't made any headway with, but that will change.  We have lots of people interested in Oregon, but that's because it's the endpoint."

Farr encourages everyone to slow down and see the sights.

"The interstates are great for  fast travel between point A and point B.  Take the time and journey  across America's longest highway."

Will Do, Bryan.  Will Do.   --RoadDog

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