Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Today Is the 30th Anniversary of the NTHP's "11 Most Endangered Places"-- Part 2

The first one came out in 1988 and this has proven to be a great way to make Americans aware of examples of American architecture and cultural heritage that are on the brink of destruction or irreparable damage.

Some of the places have been lost, but others have made remarkable recoveries.

here is a list of eleven success stories in the last 30 years.

1.  Antietam National Battlefield Park--  It was on the first list in 1988 and today is considered one of the best-preserved battlefields from the Civil War.

2.  Penn School--  South Carolina  This school for black children was established in 1862.

3.  Historic Boston theaters

Congratulations National Trust for Historic Preservation!!  --RoadDog

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