Monday, May 1, 2017

Looking Back to Route 66: Victorville, California

From the October 12 San Bernardino (California) Sun.  Not sure what year.

Victorville is really two towns.  One the new, bix box store and plenty of traffic.

The old one was founded by Jacob Nash Victor in 1885.  The Santa Fe Railroad used the names of employees for its western waterstops.  Mr. Victor was a supervisor.  In 1909, the growing town was renamed Victorville to avoid confusion with Victor, Colorado.

In 1926, Route 66 came through town and much activity developed along 7th Street.

One place, The Red Rooster, was a popular roadhouse and had a small part in the film "The Jazz Singer" with Neil Diamond.  It was forced to close because of loss of business after I-15 was built.  Today it is a Route 66 museum.  They have a nine-foot metal sign of a hula girl and became known as Hulaville.


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