Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Illinois' Red Carpet Corridor 2017-- Part 5: Gardner to Odell


Still in Gardner

They had a big car show going on in the downtown area (which isn't very big).  We took a quick look and then went into Vino's where they had 66-cent pulled pork sliders.  We ordered four, figuring we would have to order some more, but when we got them, we were only able to finish one apiece (well, I did another half a piece).  They were huge.

We stopped at the Dwight Ambler-Beckler gas station which had a big crowd, lots of old cars and the Texaco Man as well.  Sure glad the town got around to saving this place as it is a neat old gas station.  When we first saw it in 2002, on our first Route 66 trip, it was looking bad and looked even worse the next several years.

Then, we went to the Odell Standard Oil station where we met a group of motorcyclists flying a French flag (or maybe Belgium).  Those European folks sure love our road.

Next Stop, Pontiac.  --RoadDog

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