Thursday, October 6, 2016

When At Geneva Lake in Wisconsin, Take the Mail Boat-- Part 1: Watch the Mail-Jumpers

From the August 14, 2016, Chicago tribune "Lake Geneva's first-class fun" by Lori Rackl.

Mail jumpers deliver parcels, and entertainment, from moving vessel's deck.

This year marks the 100th season of the U.S. Mailboat on Geneva Lake.

There is much confusion as to whether the body of water is Lake Geneva or Geneva Lake.  The name of the town is Lake Geneva, but the real name of water is Geneva Lake.

When you think of occupational hazards that go along with delivering the mail, inclement weather and aggressive dogs come to mind.

Falling into a lake?  Not so much.

But that's what happens when the so-called mail jumpers on Geneva Lake literally miss the boat as they leap to and from a moving vessel, delivering letters, packages and newspapers to waterfront homes --  a tradition that turned 100 years old this summer.

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