Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Good Times in the Area This Past Weekend-- Part 1: Why Go Anywhere Else?

This past weekend, there was more than enough to do around here.  Between the high school, college and Bear football games, decent, but a little chilly weather, as well as the Chain Crawl, Beer and BBQ Walk in Antioch, Bears game in the outside garage at the Squaw Bar and Autumn Food Walk in McHenry as well as boating, it was a mighty good time.


It was a rainy day so we decided to hit some of the places we haven't visited yet on the Chain Crawl for the Chain of Lakes.  We still need some passport stamps.  Of course, this would be done by car, not boat.

We drove to Fox River Grove and went to the Dead End Saloon, right on the Fox River by the US-14 (Northwest Highway) bridge.

Next stop was further upriver at Herman's Lowlife Bar and Grill in Lake Barrington Shores, one of our favorite places on the Chain.  Unfortunately, it is at some distance so we rarely go there. The name says it all.  These first two bars are what some would call dive bars.  We love our dive vars.  As always, lots of great conversation with other patrons.

Last two stops were at Riverside at Burton's Bridge on Illinois Highway 176.  These three bars were all on the Chain Crawl and Fox River (well, Herman's is on a channel to the river).

Last stop was at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg.

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