Friday, October 7, 2016

Mail Boats on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin-- Part 5: Some More Facts

WHERE:  The tour starts and end at the Riviera Docks (a neat place in itself) at 812 Wrigley Drive, in downtown Lake Geneva.

TIP:  For optimal views (why you get there early) of both the scenery and jumper, get a window seat in the  middle of the boat on the starboard (right) side, lower level.

ANOTHER TIP:  The entire 23-mile shoreline of Geneva Lake is accessible to the public via a walking path around the lake.  It's a fantastic hike that typically takes 8-10 hours to complete.  You can also do it in sections, especially the 8-mile stretch between the towns of Lake Geneva and Williams Bay.

ANOTHER TIP:  Either before or after your boat tour, check out Popeye's right across from the Riviera Docks for great window seating overlooking the boats, docks and lake.  Great rotisserie chicken and food.


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