Monday, January 26, 2015

Why Restauration?

The name of the restaurant in Decorak, Iowa's Hotel Winneshieg is Restauration.  That is kind of a strange name for a restaurant, but there are three reasons why it is named that:

1.  Restauration is an archaic French word for restoration (which certainly has been done at the hotel).

2.  Restauration was the name of the sloop which carried the first Norwegian immigrants across the Atlantic to America in 1823.  Many went on to settle in Decorah.  A replica of this sloop is in the Vesterheim Museum, right down the street from the hotel.  Decorah is extremely proud of its Norwegian heritage.

3.  The name is a tribute to Helen Busler who spearheaded the massive restoration project which was completed in 2000.

--Good Reasons.  --RoadDog

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