Friday, January 30, 2015

Baseball in the Tarheel State-- Part 3

7.  Major league pitcher James Hunter, a Hertford native, played for the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees from 1965 to 1979.  Hunter was known by what nickname?

A.  Jimbo
B.  Catfish
C.  Possum

8.  Hickory's minor league team plays its home games at L.P. Frans Stadium.  What is the name of the team's mascot?

A.  Grasshopper
B.  Bull
C.  Crawdad

9.  The Durham Bulls played their first professional baseball game on April 24, 1913.  In 1988, the team played a role in what movie?

A.  Bull Durham
B.  Field of Dreams
C.  The Sandlot

Answers in the next post.

I Was 9 for 9.  --RoadDog

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