Thursday, January 15, 2015

Illinois' Fort Sheridan-- Part 1

From the Fort Sheridan site.

Two major Philip Sheridan sites remain in the Chicago area, honoring this famous general.

A big reason for the construction of the fort was because of Sheridan's actions during the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 (which I have written about in earlier posts this past week).  It was also built to maintain order among the immigrants working in the many Chicago factories and workshops during the age of labor unrest in the 1870s to 1880s.  In short, it was established to protect Chicago's commercial interests.  Protect the millionaires as it were.

With most Army units on the Great Plains dealing with Indian Removal, units needed to be closer to Chicago if labor unrest led their need.

In 1886, department store magnate Marshall Field petitioned the Secretary of War to set aside land for a military installation.  A 632 acre site was selected, high on the bluffs above Lake Michigan north of town.


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