Friday, January 2, 2015

Cold Ahead-- Part 25: "State of Confusion"

As I continue to build up my collection of Kinks CDs as my local mom and pop record store bought a person's Kinks collection, I am really enjoying their post 60s music more and more.

The song "definite Maybe" sure reminds me a lot of "Over, Under, Sideways Down" by the Yardbirds at its beginning.  "Labour of Love" has a wedding march and refers to marriage as "a two-headed dragon."

This was the Kinks' 19th studio album and peaked at #12 on the British charts and there are at least seven different versions of this album around in CD form and with four bonus tracks.  All songs are written and composed by Ray Davies.

Other big hits from it include "Don't Forget to Dance," "State of Confusion" and, of course, the real biggie, "Come Dancing."

The song "Young Conservatives" harkens back to "Well-Respected Man."

Enjoying My Kinks.  --RoadDog

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